Tony Saccos Coal Oven Pizza | About Tony Sacco's Beginnings With Coal Oven Pizza
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About Us

Our Story

Tony Sacco’s was started in Estero, Florida by three friends from Michigan: Chuck Senatore, George Kurajian and Tony Sacco. Their mission was to bring back the original taste and quality of pizza the way it was made when the first pizzerias were opened in the early 1900′s. This required the use of a coal burning oven, homemade sauce and dough, and fresh, hand-cut toppings.

By combining their years of restaurant experience and using old family recipes, they have claimed success! Everything we serve is prepared fresh daily. We have NO FREEZERS, FRYERS, GRILLS or MICROWAVE OVENS. Everything we make is made fresh to order and baked in our coal oven.

When making a pizza, there is no substitute for using the best ingredients. At Tony Sacco’s we start with freshly made dough and the finest quality cheeses and toppings. But the real secret is drawing out all the flavors by going back to where it began – the coal oven. The coal oven was the mainstay of the early pizza restaurants in New York and the Northeast and is experiencing a resurgence thanks to Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza.

Capable of temperatures of 1000° or more, the intense heat of the coal oven creates a pizza with a subtle, smoky flavor, a crispy crust and golden brown cheese. In the words of a true pizza aficionado, “it’s a pie that would bring your Italian grandmother to tears.”

over 1,000 degrees

allowing us to cook the pizza very quickly and create a perfect crust without overcooking the toppings

 Coal Oven Pizza FAQ

Are we burning real coal in the oven?

Yes we are! We only burn pure anthracite coal from Pennsylvania. It creates twice the energy per pound as wood, and burns cleaner.

Why does the pizza taste better in a coal oven?

Primarily because of the higher cooking temperature that only coal provides. Our oven generates an internal temperature of over 1,000 degrees, allowing us to cook the pizza very quickly and create a perfect crust without overcooking the toppings. The coal also gives our pizza an unmatched, unique taste.

How long have coal ovens been used to cook pizza?

Nearly 500 years!! The origin of modern pizza can be traced back to 1522 in Naples, Italy. At that time they used coal to fire their ovens. Stand by for the Mezzo Millennia Anniversary of Pizza at Tony Sacco’s in 2022.

Why does the sauce taste so different from normal pizza sauce?

We use only real Italian plum tomatoes that have very little citric acid and none is added so all you taste is the tomato. Because of the high temperature of the coal oven, the dough cooks quickly without overheating the sauce. This is why the sauce on our pizzas stays nice and bright red unlike most other pizzas where the sauce turns slightly darker red due to a longer baking time.

Do you really filter all of your water?

Yes, we have separate filtration systems for dough, soda, coffee and tea. We insist on only the best taste across the board for our customers.

How can I get in on the action?

We are going to bring the combination of unique, fresh tasting pizza to the entire nation! Franchise options are available, contact us for more details.