Tony Saccos Coal Oven Pizza | Cornel Ivanescu, Author at Tony Saccos Coal Oven Pizza
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Author: Cornel Ivanescu

13 Jun, 2009 - Gulf Shore Business June 2009

Good Times Roll .. Local businesses that make things happen. It’s difficult to avoid the overabundance of bad news, which in turn makes us all feel bad. It’s as though we can’t catch a break. So when we see that something positive is happening—a slight gain...

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12 Mar, 2009 - Naples Daily News Review 3-12-09

Pizza fresh out of the oven. The first time I noticed Tony Sacco’s was during the summer, when it wasn’t even open yet. The sign promising great, coal-oven pizza intrigued me, mainly because I don’t believe I’d had pizza cooked in such an oven before. And...

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