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Experience Tony Sacco’s as an Owner

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Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza AT A GLANCE

Tony Sacco’s was started in Estero, Florida by three friends from Michigan: Chuck Senatore, George Kurajian and Tony Sacco. Their mission was to bring back the original taste and quality of pizza the way it was made when the first pizzerias were opened in the early 1900′s. This required the use of a coal burning oven, homemade sauce and dough, and fresh, hand-cut toppings. In the fall of 2018 Tony Sacco’s Brand became part of Dynamic Restaurant Holdings, LLC. Dynamic Restaurant Holdings, LLC is a Restaurant Umbrella Group of multiple brands position across the Mid-West and Southeast.

By combining their years of restaurant experience and using old family recipes, they have claimed success! Everything we serve is prepared fresh daily. We have NO FREEZERS, FRYERS, GRILLS or MICROWAVE OVENS. Everything we make is made fresh to order and baked in our coal oven.

When making a pizza, there is no substitute for using the best ingredients. At Tony Sacco’s we start with freshly made dough and the finest quality cheeses and toppings. But the real secret is drawing out all the flavors by going back to where it began – the coal oven. The coal oven was the mainstay of the early pizza restaurants in New York and the Northeast and is experiencing a resurgence thanks to Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza.


Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Florida.


Full-Size Restaurant, Delivery/Carryout.


Pizza, pasta, calzones, sandwiches, salads, appetizers, beer, wine, soft drinks.


Scholarships, fundraising, and Business to Business programs.


Dine In, Carryout, Pick-up Window and Delivery.


Birthday Parties, Catering, and Special Events.


Tony Sacco’s Dine In

Combines Tony Sacco’s Coal Oven Pizza’s unique quality original style pizza program with full table service, modern store design and an extended menu.

The outside has an eye-catching facade indicative of quality food, good times and an enjoyable atmosphere. The dining area interior is finished in rich warm wood & earth-tone brick with TVs mounted high throughout. Tony Sacco’s Dine In experience have a wider demographic appeal than many competitive pizza brands.

  • Full table service
  • Craft beers, wines & alcohol
  • Premium signature pizzas
  • Contemporary design
  • TVs for media
  • Diverse menu: appetizers, salads, desserts, specialty dishes, & other food offerings.
  • Sized from 150 – 250 seats
  • 2,800 – 4,000 square feet
  • Delivery & pick-up service
  • Training: 3 people, 9 weeks

Delivery / Carryout

Many markets respond well to a delivery or carryout concept. Our DELCO concept allows you to provide delivery and carryout services with limited seating.

There is an increasing demand for delivery services, and a Tony Sacco’s DELCO enables you to focus on this growing niche.

  • Limited or shared common seating
  • Size ranges vary from 1500 to 2000 square feet
  • Full-size core Menu
  • Delivery, drive through, carryout and limited dine in service
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Training: two people, six weeks


Tony Sacco’s strives to bring our love of coal fired pizza to those that love pizza!  Coal fired pizza is simply unmatched.

Our Core Menu

  • Pizza
  • Specialty Pizzas
  • Pasta & Spaghetti
  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Calzones
  • Appetizers
  • Soup
  • Salads
  • Sandwiches
  • Soft Drinks
  • Beer
  • Wine


The Initial Franchise Fee

  • Dine-In / Full Size Franchise $25,000
  • Delivery-Carryout Franchise $20,000


  • Dine-In / Full-Size Franchise 6.0% of sales
  • Delivery-Carryout Franchise 6.0% of sales

A conversion franchise will receive a $5,000 discount off the initial franchise fee.


Advertising Fees

Local advertising is required to be a minimum of 3% of gross sales. In addition, all franchisees are obligated to be members of the Tony Sacco’s National Franchise Board (TSNFB). The TSNFB serves as an advisory committee to the chain and assists in directing advertising funds as well as other funded programs. TSNFB dues are currently 1.5% of gross sales.


Area Development Agreement

We also offer area development opportunities whereby Tony Sacco’s grants an exclusive territory to franchisees, allowing them to develop a number of franchise facilities and become a multi-unit owner with their own exclusive territory!

ExpenditureDine-In / Full SizeDelivery / Carryout Only
Initial Franchise Fee$25,000$20,000
Lease, Utility & Security Deposits$2,500-$7,500$1,250-$1,875
Leasehold Improvements$130,000-$295,000$97,500-$130,000
Initial Inventory$11,800-$28,000$4,000-$7,500
Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment$85,500-$450,000$30,000-$120,000
Grand-Opening Advertising$3,500-$10,000$2,500-$6,000
Additional Funds$14,700-$68,250$6,500-$12,500
Liquor License$50,000

This chart is designed to give you a range of what costs may be for the options of franchising with Tony Sacco’s. Within these estimates are included some costs for three months operation while other costs are one-time-only costs.


Now that you’ve had a chance to review some of the Tony Sacco’s franchise information, we invite you to take the next steps in becoming our franchise partner.

If you are seriously interested in exploring franchise ownership with Tony Sacco’s Pizza and feel your qualifications meet our standards, now is the time to begin!


For questions, please call Bob Cuffaro, 563-332-8811

Step 1

Review the financial requirements.

Minimum Financial Requirements:

Single Unit / Joint Venture

Liquidity requirements: $150,000
Net worth requirements: $250,000

Single Unit / Full Ownership

Liquidity requirements: $300,000
Net worth requirements: $400,000

Multiunit (area developer)

Liquidity requirements: $700,000
Net worth requirements: $1,200,000

Step 2

Fill out the online franchise application.


Step 3

We will review your application

Step 4


An initial phone conversation is held to answer questions, confirm qualifications and discuss market availability.

Step 5

Initial Information Packet Sent

If you indicate that you meet our requirements an initial franchise information packet is sent to you. The packet contains an overview of the Happy Joe’s franchise system, a confidential franchise application and other materials for you fill out and return. Completed Application Returned

Application materials are completed and financial review processes begins.

Step 6

Application Review

Your confidential franchise application is reviewed. If merited the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is then mailed to candidate. We offer a hard copy of the FDD. An electronic copy is not available at this time. (Acknowledgement of Receipt page must be returned before proceeding to next step).

Step 7

FDD & Interview

A time is set to review the FDD and understand the Tony Saccos opportunity. This is a time to gain a better appreciation of all that Tony Saccos has to offer our owners. We get to know you and you get to know Tony Saccos.

Step 8

Store Visit, Candidate & Business Assessment

Take a tour of our operating Tony Saccos units. Observe décor elements, product, front and back of house operations and speak with managers/owners. Complete a business profile and proforma package. This is required to assess applicant and territory selected.

Final Step


Candidate is invited to Dynamic Restaurant Holdings’ Corporate Support Center for initial training.


If you are seriously interested in exploring franchise ownership with Tony Sacco’s Pizza and feel your qualifications meet our standards, now is the time to begin!

The information requested in this form is used to evaluate your qualifications to be awarded a Tony Sacco’s Franchise, and is kept strictly confidential.

If you have a question related to franchising, ask us in the “Additional Information” field below.

Your Information

Let us know who you are so we can serve you better!



How did you become acquainted with Tony Sacco's Pizza?

Your Desired Franchise Location

Business Information

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Financial Information

Additional Information

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